Have you ever thought about doing a recordbook? A recordbook is good for those who want to keep  records of their 4-H career, win awards for resumes, or help you with filling out your scholarship applications. All seniors who complete a recordbook say that it helped them with filling out their scholarship applications a lot.

Dates to Remember

It is best you start NOW on your recordbook!!! It is way easier for all ages now so get started and be ahead of the game!!!
RECORDBOOKS DUE: June 17, 2024

This event will be held Tuesday, June 17th at the Milam County Extension Office, 6:30pm

  • June 7: Recordbook Registration form DEADLINE:
  • June 10: Release of Entries (competitors have a chance to change categories)
  • June 12: Deadline to notify change of category (via email: [email protected])
  • June 17: All recordbooks DUE and CLOVERBUDS BOOKS
  • June 17: County Recordbook Judging
  • June 17/18: Recordbooks can be picked up from office to be edited before District
  • July 8: All recordbooks due back for District Judging by NOON
  • July 11: District Recordbook Judging



  • Award Applications- Due May 24
  • Award Interviews- July 10
  • 4-H Banquet- September 8

4-H Awards are such a great way to reward all the great efforts and participation that all the 4-H members do during the 4-H year! This year we are rolling out the Awards sooner so 4-H members can plan ahead on their award applications! Many awards require you to complete tasks to get awards, so start soon!!! NEW- Award applications will be due May 24th. Star/IDY Awards (recordbook required awards) will be due May 24th but will be voided if a recordbook is not turned in by June 17th. Also jacket winners can still apply up until June 17th to allow for state winners during Texas 4-H Roundup. For award applications, go to:


Recordbook Details

Back to the Basics Recordbook Presentation for training 2022

Texas 4-H Family Guide Book for Recordbooks 2023-2024

2024 Recordbook Presentation- NEW MILAM COUNTY 1-29-24

Monthly 4-H Record Worksheet for 4-H Clubs: Monthly club report for those keeping records to keep track of records for recordbooks.

Wednesday, June 2nd 2021 Recorded Training (NOTE Year): Recording of Training

CLUB TOTALS 2023-2024 Personal Info Page:

110 Cameron
11 Gause
32 Rockdale
51 Thorndale

“For the Record” is the Texas 4-H and Youth Development Program’s record keeping program. It is a two part educational process that teaches basic record keeping skills and then allows a 4-H member to participate in the record book competition.

NEW!!!!! 2023 FORMS:

2022-2023Recordbook-Tips (STILL VALID FOR 2023-2024)

record_book_forms_23_24 with tables


Recordbook Categories (in family guide)

Competitive Record Book Categories
A 4-H member will choose one of the categories for their Record Book entry. These categories are described in detail beginning on page 16. The category selected should be reflective of the 4-H member’s main (most active) project.
1. Animal Agricultural
2. Beef
3. Citizenship, Civic Education & Community Service
4. Dog Care & Training
5. Consumer Education
6. Entomology
7. Fashion & Interior Design
8. Food & Nutrition
9. Gardening & Horticulture
10. Goat
11. Health and Personal Safety
12. Horse
13. Leadership
14. Natural Resources
15. Photography
16. Plant & Soil Science
17. Poultry
18. Public Speaking
19. Rabbit
20. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)
21. Sheep
22. Shooting Sports
23. Swine
24. Visual & Performance Arts
25. Veterinary

CLOVERKID/CLOVERBUD Recordbook and Award Form- Due May 24th

Cloverbud Meetings- to help with recordbook:

Recordbook Examples

New Examples!!! as 6-5-2013

Examples to help assist you with recordbooks (Note: these are past recordbooks, but will help with writing the new ones and wording):




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